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nyc favorites

nyc favorites


I spent about a week in New York in June and I'm finally getting around to getting a little write-up together of my favorite places I went while I was there! My trip was so much fun, so I thought it would be cool to compile this little list for anyone who is interested! I'm by no means an expert, and pretty much stayed in my little Lower East Side/SOHO area (other than for a few shops!) but here it is: 

Food & Drink: 

1. Ludlow Coffee Supply - This was such a cute little coffee spot and they have Oatly oat milk, which is pretty much the only milk option I want in my lattes nowadays! 


2. The Butcher's Daughter - Healthy little lunch spot. Sometimes you just want your typical healthy juice/smoothie/salad when traveling and this was a great spot for those moments. 

3. Russ & Daughters - Had to put one quintessential NYC experience on this list. Such a cool little spot for amazing real-deal smoked salmon, pickled herring, bagels. All the good NYC stuff! I went to 'the shop,' which is their location where you just order at the counter. We took our food to a little park and ate outside, but they also have a cafe location which is a sit down restaurant and I believe they have a cafe at the Jewish Museum as well! 

4. Whole Foods - I'm sorry but I had to put this on my list. Again, I'm a sucker for a quick healthy meal, so I always end up here when I travel. It's the best way to not mess with my sensitive stomach when I'm traveling. I know it's not local, but it's delicious so don't judge me. ;) 


1. Assembly - Pretty sure we stopped through Assembly every day we were in New York. Their shop on Ludlow is pretty small, but it's always so fun going in there. They also had way more vintage than I expected! Super fun to sift through. Grab a coffee at Ludlow and pop into Assembly a couple doors down. What's better than coffee and shopping? 


2. Totokaelo - Need I say more? Hands down the most fun to just be in the midst of everything in there. I had been to their Seattle store a handful of times, and it has a very different vibe than the NYC location which felt a bit scrappier. I was into it! So fun to peruse and so great for style inspo. 

3. Oak + Fort - Great prices and such beautiful stuff. I want everything in there. I'm a huge fan, so fun to finally be able to go into a store vs. shop online like I normally have to. 

4. Muji - Their home stuff is so cute and so well priced. Great clothing basics as well. I am a little obsessed with Muji honestly--probably the Virgo-rising organization queen in me. 




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