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black on black

black on black


The two colors that have always felt the most "me" are black and white (as I'm sure you can tell by now). This all black turtleneck look is a go-to for a chilly day in Portland: 

Oak + Fort Coat 1529, here

BDG Twig High-Rise Skinny Jean, here

Black Turtleneck from Zara

Vagabond Marja Chelsea Boot, here

I'm literally always covered in cat hair (SOS) so I realized some of these pics show my cat hair covered coat. Sorry bout that! The lint roller just doesn't cut it. If you have tips for what I can do to stay fur-free please lmk ;) 

I'm listening to Zebra by Beach House

almond spice tea cookies

almond spice tea cookies

paris in portland

paris in portland