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creamy tones & silky textures

creamy tones & silky textures


I love neutral colors (as you can probably tell by now). I'd be perfectly happy living the rest of my life in exclusively black and white but sometimes I remember that other pale tones exist in the world and they make me so happy. This ivory silk blouse makes me fully swoon. It's the perfect shirt to compliment a sophisticated black pant, but also looks great with a straightforward and casual high waisted jean. Versatile and classic. Like I said before--swoon. 

Wilfred Nacisse Blouse (in Avorio) by Aritzia, here

Crossback Bra by American Apparel, here

High-Waist Pants by Zara, here

Vagabond Marja Chelsea Boot, here

I'm listening to Helt Sammen by Franske Piger. 

mia's muffins

mia's muffins

savory afternoon tea

savory afternoon tea