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less is more

less is more


I mentioned in my recent winter wardrobe post that I keep a minimal closet. I adopted a minimal lifestyle when I majorly downsized my life a year ago to fit into my 350 sq ft apartment. This big change to simplify my life was a huge sense of relief. Now I maintain a small closet with only items that I love and wear a lot. Many of my pieces make lots of appearances on the blog for this reason. Less is more, for me at least. All of the pieces in this outfit are on my regular rotation because I just really truly love them:

High Waisted Pleated Pant by American Apparel , [discontinued]

Coat 1529 by Oak + Fort, here

Vegan 1461s by Dr. Martens, here

Ribbed Mock Neck Turtleneck by Monki, here

Fisherman's hat, thrifted

I'm listening to Shot for me by Drake

luna's peanut butter cookies

luna's peanut butter cookies

spicy ginger peach smoothie

spicy ginger peach smoothie