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self love on the road

self love on the road


I've been awful at updating this thing but I promise I have a good excuse. I've been traveling for the last month. For my first trip of June, I went to LA for Pride. I snapped these pretty pics in LA and was having fun being a goof and playing dress up with my best friend's hat in my comfy house outfit.

The minute I got to LA I went to Erewhon for basic meal essentials. Erewhon is hands down my favorite place to go when I'm in LA. It's the best small health food market and I love visiting little health food and specialty markets when I go to different cities. I decided to treat myself so in addition to the usual suspects: avocado, bananas, rice, dark chocolate, I also couldn't leave the store without the most beautiful grey roses. I don't care that I only got to enjoy them for a few days on this trip, sometimes you just need to treat yourself to something pretty. Not going to lie though, they were too pretty to completely leave behind when I left LA. I took one home to press under a pile of books. 

Cami Top by Y.A.S., here 

Flower Detail Shorts by Y.A.S, [discontinued]

Hat by Brixton, [not available online] 

I'm listening to Nonstop by Drake. 

no bake chocolate pb cookies

no bake chocolate pb cookies

mia's muffins

mia's muffins