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sunflower summer

sunflower summer


I saw these sunflowers the other day and knew I had to have them. How could anyone not be drawn to sunflowers? They’re so bright and cheerful. These ones stood so tall, beaming with confidence. 

This summer has been interesting for me. I’ve felt much more introspective than I normally feel this time of year. I’m opting to stay inside with my face mask and crystals versus going out with friends at bars in the evening. My mind has been asking for quiet like this for a while now, and in that quiet I’ve learned a lot about myself. 

Approximately every 30 days, we reach a new zodiac sign and that season’s energy can be felt by everyone, no matter your sign. We’re currently in the midst of Leo season, a super extroverted—maybe even “extra” time. That energy can pull me in moments and it can be difficult not to compare myself to what everyone’s doing on Instagram, etc. etc. What I’m learning (even though I know to some degree it’s pretty obvious, just difficult to stick to) is that regardless of season or what your friends are up to, it’s important to check in with yourself and make choices based on what you need. You are number one in your life, so take care of yourself! Now I don’t know about you, whether or not I’m feeling a more introverted vibe, I plan to finish out the summer radiating sunflower-leo confidence. 

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I'm listening to Orion's Belt by Sabrina Claudio. 

peach season

peach season

raspberry lemon tarts

raspberry lemon tarts